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*Draft Game Reference Page (redirected from Draft Game Reference Page)

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Group 1

1. Machina Maw (Lopen) (12-1)

2. Ride the Lightning (Tirofog) (5-8)

3. Ms. Ellie and the Boys (Mewtwo) (4-8)

4. Mobile Suit Knuckles (Eddv) (8-2)

5. General Bub's Spiritual Hit Squad (DeathChicken) (6-4)

6. Cult of Personality (Chris) (5-5)

7. Maverick Hunters (Skyridge) (2-5)

8. Sexy Dynamite (Kamek) (1-6)

NR. Cow (1-2)


Group 2

2. Bossman Coolguy's Kingpins (gravy) (11-0)

2. Boko Reunited (Boko) (10-1)

3. Team America (Scare) (6-6)

4. Pink Floyd's "The Kirb" (Johnbobb) (5-7)

5. Neclord & Acquaintances (Jeezy & JC) (4-6)

6. Get N or Get Out (Tombolo) (4-6)

7. Might Controls Everything (redrocket) (1-6)

8. Suplex Through Time, Bitch (eaed) (1-6)


Event Information

Week 8 Events

Week 9 Events

Week 10 Events


Terrain Change Master Lists

All Terrains: https://pastebin.com/BxDKdY8J


Lucina Builds

Lucina the Tomb Raider
Lucina the Hellspawn


Redrafting Rules

  • After weeks 3 and 6 have concluded, but before the start of weeks 4 and 7 (which will be delayed for one day for the redrafts), you may replace a number of mercs from your team for mercs in the unbought pool (which may be mercs replaced by other teams).
  • You may redraft up to five mercs, TOTAL, between both redrafts. Redraft five mercs in the week 3 redraft and you will not be able to replace anyone for week 6!
  • Replaced mercs may have abilities on CD, but you may not have spent any Limited Use Abilities they might have.
  • Once you've replaced a merc, YOU MAY NEVER DRAFT THEM AGAIN. The sole exception are mercenaries replaced for a Lightning Save of their souls. No others!
  • Redrafts may be mailed in or PM'd to the admins during the Weeks 3 and 6 Results phase, in order of priority (from 1 to possibly 5), which will be revealed at the start of the redrafting phase. A redraft with priority 1 will resolve before a redraft with priority 2, and so on and so forth down the chain. If two leaders try to draft the same merc in the unbought pool at the same level of priority, the leader with the most wins wins out. If the number of wins are equal, whoever has a head-to-head win wins out. If both tiebreaker criteria are equal, one leader will be randomly selected to resolve first.
  • The redrafting phase will last 24 hours during which players in each pool may freely redraft in a free-for-all style after mailed in picks have resolved, with whoever posts in bold indicating a replacement (example: TRADE Chrom FOR Donte (DmC)) redrafting successfully, from Monday 9 PM EST to Tuesday 9 PM EST, delaying Peacetime by a day and shortening Wartime for the same duration for those weeks.


Round Robin Match-Up Order


Group 1


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Mewtwo vs. Luis
IGCD vs. Skyridge
DC vs. Eddv
Tirofog vs. Lopen
Mewtwo vs. Skyridge
IGCD vs. Eddv
DC vs. Lopen
Tirofog vs. Luis
Mewtwo vs. Eddv
IGCD vs. Lopen
DC vs. Luis
Tirofog vs. Skyridge
Mewtwo vs. Lopen
Kamek vs. Luis
DC vs. Skyridge
Tirofog vs. Eddv
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Mewtwo vs. Tirofog
Kamek vs. DC
Luis vs. Lopen
Skyridge vs. Eddv
Mewtwo vs. DC
Kamek vs. Tirofog
Luis vs. Eddv
Skyridge vs. Lopen
Mewtwo vs. Kamek
DC vs. Tirofog
Luis vs. Skyridge
Eddv Vs. Lopen


Group 2


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Boko vs Rocket
Gravy vs Eaed
Johnbobb vs Corrik
Scare vs Tombolo
Boko vs Eaed
Gravy vs Corrik
Johnbobb vs Tom
Scare vs Rocket
Boko vs Corrik
Gravy vs Tom
Johnbobb vs Rocket
Scare vs Eaed
Boko vs Tom
Gravy vs Rocket
Johnbobb vs Eaed
Scare vs Corrik
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Boko vs Scare
Gravy vs Johnbobb
Rocket vs Tom
Eaed vs Jeezy
Boko vs Johnbobb
Gravy vs Scare
Rocket vs Jeezy
Eaed vs Tom
Boko vs Gravy
Johnbobb vs Scare
Rocket vs Eaed

Jeezy vs Tom



Standings (Week 1)


Group 1


Mewtwo attacks Luis [Tier: Low]

God attacks Skyridge [Tier: Low]
DC attacks Eddv [Tier: Low]
Tirofog attacks Lopen [Tier: Mid]

Mewtwo - Ms. Ellie and the Boys (0-0, 14GP)
Low: Ryu (SF), Eleonora Yumizuru, Little Mac
Mid: Kefka, Zack Fair, Armstrong, Luca Blight
High: Nephalem, Id, Grigori, Yuri Hyuga
Supports: Suika Ibuki (Link: Ellie)
Notes: Nephalem is a man

Kamek - Sexy Dynamite (0-0, 10GP)
Low: Bowser
Mid: Albert Wesker, Psycho Mantis, M. Bison, Dr. Wily, Sigma, Nightmare
High: Sarah Kerrigan, Exdeath, Diablo, Dark Samus
Supports: GLaDOS (Link: Dr. Wily)

DeathChicken - General Bub's Spiritual Hit Squad (0-0, 15GP)
Low: Crono, Juliet Starling, Geese Howard
Mid: Alice Liddell, Sora, Dracula, Aigis
High: Dante, Arthas, Kuja, Kain
Supports: Ruby Heart (Link: Dante)

Tirofog - Ride The Lightning (0-0, 17GP)
Low: Claire Redfield, Booker DeWitt, Chrom, Yuffie Kisaragi, Ryu3, Nilin
Mid: Cloud Strife, Terra Branford
High: Archer, Lightning, Lilith
Supports: Professor Oak (Link: Nilin)
Notes: Cloud is Archer's master, Lilith is a Controller, Ryu3 has Pac-Man and Metal Man genes

Luis - Hallelujah Essaim (0-0, 20GP)
Low: Sonic, Richter Belmont
Mid: Haseo, Jaesa Willsaam, Neptune, Flynn, Selvaria Bles
High: Bayonetta, Vergil, Dizzy
Supports: Carmilla (Link: Haseo), Morrigan (Link: Selvaria)
Notes: Vergil is Selvaria's liege

Skyridge - Maverick Hunters (0-0, 17GP)
Low: Tidus, Frog, Link, Tails, Kaos
Mid: Yuna, Thrall, Pit
High: Mega Man X, Zero, Sephiroth
Supports: Jeigan (Link: X)
Notes: X has copied Tidus' Hastega

Eddv - Mobile Suit Knuckles (0-0, 20GP)
Low: Knuckles, Earthworm Jim
Mid: D.Va, Shanoa, Mega Man, Sorey, Zeratul
High: Raziel, Elma, Fox, The Wonderful 100
Supports: Dr. Light (Link: Jim)
Notes: Mega Man has Turok's Energy Totem ability, Sorey has his Four Seraphim

Lopen - Machina Maw (0-0, 12GP)
Low: Rikku, Kirby, Kazuma Kiryu, Tira
Mid: Alucard, Yu Narukami, Doomguy, Liquid Snake, Bass.EXE
High: KOS-MOS, Samus Aran
Supports: CATS (Link: Rikku)


Group 2


Boko attacks Rocket [Tier: High]
Gravy attacks Eaed [Tier: Low]
Corrik attacks Johnbobb [Tier: High]
Scare attacks Tom [Tier: Mid]

Boko - Boko Reunited (0-0, 20GP)
Low: Nilin, Tira, Morrigan, Kyo Kusanagi
Mid: Alucard, Ansem, Luca Blight
High: Lightning, Dark Samus, Grigori
Supports: Monokuma (Link: Lightning)
Notes: Lightning has saved Serra's soul

Gravy - Bossman Coolguy's Kingpins (0-0, 20GP)
Low: Eleonora Yumizuru, Agn├Ęs Oblige, Y'shtola
Mid: Sorey, Terra Branford, Kefka, Flynn, Mewtwo
High: Shulk, Yuri Hyuga, Dante
Supports: Dr. Light (Link: Mewtwo)
Notes: Four Seraphim

Johnbobb - Pink Floyd's "The Kirb" (0-0, 20GP)
Low: Kirby, Booker, Ganondorf, Sonic
Mid: Akuma, Sora, The Prince, Potemkin
High: Vergil, Kratos, Arthas
Supports: CATS (Link: Akuma)

Scare - Team America (0-0, 8GP)
Low: Chrom, Vivi, Vanille, Big the Cat
Mid: Senator Steven Armstrong, Dr. Wily, Ryu H, Bass.EXE, Raiden
High: Diablo, Raziel
Supports: Deathwing (Link: Armstrong)

Redrocket - Might Controls Everything (0-0, 20GP)
Low: Claire Redfield
Mid: Selvaria Bles, Dragonslayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough, Lu Bu, The Boss, Zeratul
High: Archer, The Nephalem, The Agents, Wrex, Ridley
Supports: Taiga & Ilya (Link: Claire)
Notes: O&S guard The Boss, Lu Bu is Selvaria's liege, Wrex is Archer's master, Neph is a girl

Eaed - Suplex Through Time, Bitch (0-0, 16GP)
Low: Crono, Sabin, Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, Leon Kennedy
Mid: Cloud Strife, Big Boss, Aigis
High: KOS-MOS, Samus, Final Fantasy 4 Complete Collection, Master Chief
Supports: Rosalina (Link: Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar)

Corrik - Corrik's Sardaukar (0-0, 19GP)
Low: Scorpion
Mid: Zack Fair, Lady, Albert Wesker, Yuna, Nova
High: Bayonetta, Id, Revan, Sephiroth, Kuja
Supports: Abathur (Link: Kuja)
Notes: Nova has Snipe, Revan is a Villainous Scoundrel/Sentinel

Tom Bombadil - Get N or Get Out (0-0, 12GP)
Low: Tails, Celes Chere, Little Mac, Geese Howard
Mid: Mega Man, Neptune, Death, Pit
High: Fox McCloud, Zero, X-Death
Supports: Old Man (Link: Geese)
Notes: MM Has Sacrificial Pact


Match Template Draft Game Version:


~FIGHT!~ <team 1> vs. <team 2>


<b><team 1></b> have challenged <b><team 2></b> to a fight! Location of the fight: <i><terrain></i>.  Which side will win?



- The fight will occur in real-time (like an FMV sequence). Gameplay mechanics are less important than how the characters would function in a real-time environment.

- The members of each team are ideal teammates capable of a pre-selected plan of battle.

- "Broken" refers to a lot of things, including insta-death, auto-effects, a variety of status effects (e.g., Imp, Silence, Stop, *not* Poison), and revival. Unless stated otherwise, nobody has them, though do use your own discretion.

- <b>There may be SPOILERS from all of the games the characters are from.</b>


Rules for Voting

- <b>Bold your votes (using bold HTML tags).</b>

- You do not need to require justification for your vote, though the admins reserve the right to disqualify votes in the advent of obvious alt voting and other similar scenarios.

- Leaders cannot vote for their own teams (and players from the same pool may not vote as well), but they are free to argue their case.

- If you want to switch your votes simply bold the change; there's no need to delete your post, though you may if you wish.

- This match will end in 24 hours.

- The following conventions are in use for match topics: www.gamefaqs.com/boards/570224-mercs/75290480/878106427 


<team 1>




<team 2>

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