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Elimination Week Events:

Week 17: Big Boss Event

Week 23: Mega Man Event

Week 29: League of Legends Event

Week 35: TYPE-MOON Event

Week 41: Ultimate Challenges Event


Player-Run Events:

Week 23: Kirby Saves Easter (courtesy of Johnbobb)

Week 32: Summertime Funtime Break Event (courtesy of GANON)


Maybe more!


General rules for elimination week events:  

- Participating teams will get standard EXP (10 for a win, 5 for a loss) and can use results abilities as though it was a match.  Any rewards will also be obtained during results.  

- Participating teams will not gain infra unless the event explicitly gives it.

- No peacetime abilities will be allowed for teams in the event.

- Abilities used during the event will incur a 1 week recharge unless otherwise noted, rather than usual recharge., though any stock based abilities will use full stock.  You may use any abilities on recharge as well by adding a week of recharge to the ability.  

- Abilities will not recharge between the event week and the previous week-- recharges occur after the event week.  

- Pure Supports count for mercenary slots in event for events that give a limited number of mercenaries.  Their linked merc must also be brought.

- Pure Supports, in tier limited events, will count as being in the tier their linked merc is in.  For example, CATS would be considered a mid tier PS when linked to Cloud Strife, despite being 2 upkeep.

- Teams who do not opt in will receive 5 EXP and will have a results phase as though they'd lost in the case of events  where there is no penalty for failure, though any results abilities that explicitly refer to the enemy team in any way will not be usable in this case.  

- In the case of team based events, players may opt in alone rather than pre-selecting a teammate.  Such players will be randomly paired with another player who opted in.  In the event that not every player that wants one can get a team, admin(s) will assemble a team of equal total upkeep and EXP (averaged in the case of events requiring 3+ leader teams) as the unpaired player(s) (for instance, if the odd team out had 20 upkeep worth of mercs with 100 EXP assigned, an equivalent unpurchased mercenaries team would be assembled) from the unpurchased mercenaries pool to assist the odd player(s) out.  Any mercenaries obtained by the admin team will not affect any references to the unpurchased mercenaries pool for the event.  

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