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Announced Remakes

Page history last edited by Lopen 7 years, 9 months ago

Plaintext versions of remakes are here, with those officially coming into effect if the currently released version hasn't been bought by the time of the remake.


Full Remakes scheduled for release Week 46 (to be posted soon within the hour):





CRONO (sorta)

RAMZA (sorta)


+(every other merc from Mewtwo's, JC's, Kamek's and Skyridge's old teams)


(If a merc's build is not displayed below, they will only be receiving minor changes to GP/EXP costs.  If it listed in neither place, it is not receiving any tweaks at all)


Week 46 Remakes (sorta)


Claire Redfield Changelog:
- Protester Power is now base ability.
- New ability upgrade. (feel free to ditch this if you think it's too much)
- Not Bad For A Civilian moved to an upgrade ability and merged with previous ability upgrade. Nobody's going to bother getting this anyway.
- Base cost increased by 10 (from 55).

Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)
Heroic Female Human
Upkeep: 3/Week
Min Bid: 65 GP

Protester Power (Peacetime) - Despite being an able combatant, Claire prefers to pick her fights in the political arena given the opportunity. Always campaigning against corporate evils in the name of a better world, she's set her sights on the most toxic element of modern Mercenaries - bringing mercs into lower upkeep bracket matches. Once every five weeks, Claire can lobby for its outlawing in Peacetime, and successfully ban the practice of it, for this week at least. Mercs may not be paid to drop into lower tier matches, nor can abilities be used to do so either, and any instances of either will be undone as if they never happened. Unlike other Peacetime abilities, this must be declared within the first three hours of the topic going up.


(Ability Upgrade; 15 EXP)

Upon declaring Protester Power, Claire's leader may also choose to prohibit all mercs with upkeep above the current tier from being rostered that week.

(Character Upgrade; 15 EXP)

Changes the weapons in Claire's write-up to 'survival knife, Handgun P10, Shotgun TAP194, Magnum 329, MP-AF and one of each kind of craftable grenade.'

(New Start of Battle; 10 EXP)

Not Bad For A Civilian (Start of Battle) - Despite possessing training comprised of little more than being shown how to use a knife and handgun by her brother Chris, Claire dealt with the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City better than near enough the entire population. Every other week, Claire can impart her survival wisdom onto an allied merc of her choosing, boosting their combat acumen and performance for the week's fight, as well as giving them copies of three of her weapons (chosen by her leader) that they will be able to use as well as Claire can.




Ramza Changelog:
- More robust customization (not locked to ubersquire base class, can individually pick R/S/M).
- No character upgrade.

Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Heroic Male Human
Upkeep: 3/Week
Min Bid: 59 GP

Ramza Beoulve is as seen in chapter 4 of Final Fantasy Tactics, with 70 Brave/Faith, in his <PRIMARY> class equipped with <EQUIPS>. He additionally has access to <SECONDARY>'s class abilities, along with <REACTION/SUPPORT/MOVEMENT>. He cannot use <BANS>.

Customization: Every week, Ramza may choose a primary and a secondary job, as well as reaction, support, and movement abilities. Ramza's gear is determined by his primary job. If this customization is somehow nulled, Ramza will be an Ubersquire.

Ubersquire - Ragnarok, Kaiser Plate, Thief Hat, Maximillian, and Bracer. Cannot use Accumulate, Yell, or Scream.
Knight - Ragnarok, Kaiser Plate, Crystal Helmet, Maximillian, and Bracer
Monk - Power Sleeve and Bracer. Cannot use Revive.
Lancer - Dragon Whisker, Kaiser Plate, Crystal Helmet, Maximillian, and Bracer
Samurai - Kikuichimoji, Crystal Helmet, Maximillian, and Bracer. Cannot use Muramasa. He may use draw outs without Katanas.
Ninja - Iga Knife, Koga Knife, Thief Hat, Secret Clothes, and Bracer. Brings a handful of Yagyu Darkness and Elemental Balls.
Chemist - Blast Gun, Thief Hat, Earth Clothes, Angel Ring. Brings unlimited X-Potions and Remedies.
Black Mage - Wizard Rod, Thief Hat, Black Robe, Wizard Mantle. Cannot cast Frog or Death.
White Mage - Wizard Staff, Thief Hat, White Robe, Wizard Mantle. Cannot cast Raise 2 or Reraise. Can cast Raise.
Time Mage - Wizard Staff, Thief Hat, White Robe, Wizard Mantle. Cannot cast Stop or Gravity spells.

Reaction/Support/Movement abilities: 
Reaction - Counter, Counter Magic, Damage Split, HP Restore, MP Restore
Support - Attack UP, Defense UP, Magic AttackUP, Magic DefenseUP, Short Charge
Movement - Float, Ignore Height, Move +3, Teleport

Surrender or Die in Obscurity! (Pre-Battle) - Once every four weeks, Ramza may place this condition on the enemy team. If they forfeit, they will be spared and no other abilities used by either team will go on cooldown or use any stocks/etc. However, if they choose to fight and lose, they will be forgotten in death, and the team will receive zero experience for the week's battle, in addition to having one random rostered merc injured the following week.

Unerring Justice (Passive) - The strong sense of justice in Balbanes lives strong with Ramza. He will refuse the benefits of any abilities from villainous mercenaries, though any drawbacks will still occur. In addition, any of his randomly targeted beneficial abilities will only hit heroic or neutral mercenaries if possible, and his randomly targeted negative abilities will only hit villainous mercenaries if possible.


(New Trigger; 15 EXP)

Geronimo! (Trigger) - Eaaagggghh!!! Once every 5 weeks, if an allied merc would be targeted by an enemy KO ability, Ramza will attempt to bail out the merc. He'll show up just before the ally is finished off. If it was a Start of Battle KO, the ability will be cancelled without going on recharge. If it was a pre-battle KO, he and the allied merc will challenge the opposing merc to a 2v1 duel, but in his haste his customization will be randomized for it. If Ramza's team loses, Ramza will be KOed and the ability will go off as normal. If the enemy loses, they'll be KOed and the KO ability will be cancelled without going on recharge.

(New Pre-Battle; 15 EXP)

'Equality's' not something you're given. It's something you fight for! Any 'freedom' gotten from Lucavi isn't true freedom! (Pre-Battle) - Once every 3 'weeks', Ramza may give a 'pre-selected' mercenary a 'lecture' on the true meaning of 'equality' and 'freedom' -- the 'target' mercenary will gain the 'benefits' of any of Ramza's passives this 'week,' though this will not 'cause' any already 'declared' abilities to be retargeted.




-Changed the Future option, since there are no more Mercs to be released after this batch. 
-EXP cost reduction

-Slight wording change to Heroic Sacrifice

- Made preselection the upgrade rather than the assist functionality

Crono (Crono Trigger)
Heroic Male Human
Upkeep: 3/Week
Min Bid: 55 GP

Crono is as he appears in Chrono Trigger (DS), with his best non-broken equipment and all his techs save for Life. Dual/Triple techs with other Crono Trigger characters are allowed. 

Epoch (Pre-Battle) - Once every four weeks, Crono may use the Epoch to travel through the history of Mercenaries and recruit a Mercenary with upkeep of 3 or lower as an assist. A pool of five mercenaries will be rolled from the chosen era, and one may be chosen and brought along as an assist to Crono.  That fighter does not have access to any abilities besides Customizations and Passives. The era from which they can be chosen is randomly determined by the following:

15%: 65000000 BC - Prehistoric Times - Mercenaries 1
15%: 12000 BC - Antiquity - Mercenaries 2: Test Run
20%: 600 AD - Past - Mercenaries 3
20%: 1000 AD - Present - A character still in the bidding pool
20%: 2300 AD - Future - A character from one of the teams eliminated after week 41. Won't see them again until M5!
10%: End of Time - Crono's leader chooses one of the options above.

Due to time shenanigans, each character may only be chosen once from each time period. 


(Ability Upgrade; 10 EXP)

Crono can now recruit Mercenaries of upkeep 4 or lower, and may choose to pre-select the merc rather than rolling before seeing the era.  If the merc is pre-selected, Crono must be rostered if able when using this ability, and the merc brought along will not be an assist but rather take its own slot to be rostered.

(Character Upgrade; 5 EXP)

Every week, Crono and two of his teammates (chosen during Peacetime) will be able to perform their own personal Triple Tech. The specifications of the Triple Tech, if any, are left to the voters' consideration.

(New Trigger; 10 EXP)

Heroic Sacrifice (Trigger) - Once every three weeks, Crono will be hit by an enemy KO instead of an allied merc. 


Terrain: Spekkio's Arena - A medium-size square platform, fenced in, suspended in eternal nothingness. There is room to maneuver (though not too much), and there is no cover to speak of.





- I'm redoing the entire build into something resembling a complete one, rather than the half-baked skeleton the original was.
- Upped her to 4/week to compensate.
- Trance is now built in and replaced with two new abilities.

Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI)
Heroic Female Human/Otherworldly
Upkeep: 4/Week
Min Bid: 62 GP

Terra is as she appears in Dissidia and at the end of FF6A, equipped with full Genji armour, Apocalypse, a Hero Ring, and a Gold Hairpin. She has all her natural magic, as well as those gained from Unicorn and Bahamut, including Raise. She does not, however, have Arise, Teleport, Break, Graviga, or Meltdown. She can enter Trance form at any time for 30 seconds (which also grants her access to EX mode), although it will go on cooldown for 2 minutes upon ending.

Guilty Conscience (Results) - Every other week after a win, Terra will feel her team went too far in accomplishing their goal, and will take flight wanting nothing to do with them. She will temporarily leave her team at the beginning of Results, going back to the unbought merc pool next week, and may interact with any abilities that target the pool, although she may not be bid on/hired by any means. In her place, she will dump a preselected merc from the pool to do the dirty work instead, coming fully upgraded and able to use any non-Limited Use abilities, although they will be forcibly rostered in the next week's fight. The same merc cannot be chosen more than once. Terra will return to her team at the beginning of next week's Results, returning the chosen merc.

If Terra sees battle next week for any reason, she will be in a fully unnerfed state, permanently in esper form and able to use all of her normally banned abilities.

Terra is as she appears in Dissidia and at the end of FF6A, equipped with full Genji armour, Apocalypse, a Hero Ring, and a Gold Hairpin. She has all her natural magic, as well as those gained from Unicorn and Bahamut, including Raise, Arise, Teleport, Break, Graviga, and Meltdown. She will be in Trance form (which also grants her access to EX mode) for the entire fight.

Reluctant Protagonist (Trigger) - Terra will seek any opportunity to avoid fighting, willingly removing herself from the spotlight if it will prevent her from causing undue harm to other living things. Once every four weeks, she will automatically intercept the first enemy removal ability to hit her team, provided she is a valid target (and will take the hit for the WHOLE ability, even if multiple mercs would have been removed). If this would cause her to be possessed by another team, her anguished despair will cause her to revert to her unnerfed form as seen in the Guilty Conscience ability, entering the fight as a third party and unable to be affected by any further abilities.


(Character Upgrade; 10 EXP)

Terra may enter Trance for one minute at a time.

(Ability Upgrade; 10 EXP)

Terra may intercept any removal ability, even ones that couldn't normally affect her. Being removed by an ability that would normally affect her now incurs a week's less recharge.

(Ability Upgrade; 10 EXP)

Guilty Conscience may now interact with allied removal abilities that target another ally as well (although taking the hit for the WHOLE ability does not apply in this case, only the allied portion).


Terrain: Narshe - A snowy mountain city noted for its industry. The mines are accessible, whilst no residents are present.




- Cleaned up write-up. Gave Hyperdrive cause why not. 
- Redid Slave Crown and made it his base skill
- Moved the gastrointestinal thing to upgrade
- Slight exp cost reduction

Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
Villainous Male Otherworldly
Upkeep: 5/Week
Min Bid: 80 GP

Kefka is as he appears in FF6A in the last battle, having access to all attacks and skills from the fight aside from Trine and Heartless Angel. He additionally has all his Brave and HP attacks from Dissidia: Final Fantasy, as well as the Exhilarating Magic skill.

Slave Crown (Pre-Battle) - Kefka's the mastermind behind the slave crown, and he's still got a few lying around. Whenever he chooses, Kefka may place one of his crowns on a non-robotic rosterable ally, and give them a single command of his choice. (Kefka's a creative guy)

- Kill that!: The ally will immediately use one of their single target abilities, even if it was on recharge, without it going on recharge against a pre-selected enemy mercenary if able (even if the target is normally random). If it is a Start of Battle effect they will appear to perform the action and leave immediately afterwards. When this option is used, Slave Crown will go on cooldown for a number of weeks equal to the ability forced's cooldown. If Kefka is not rostered, and the ability forced is a Start of Battle, the ability will be cancelled and Slave Crown will go on 1 week of recharge.
- Kill them all!: The ally will join the battle as Kefka's assist, obeying his commands without question. This may not be used on paid down allies, and when used Slave Crown goes on recharge for a number of weeks equal to the ally's upkeep. 
- Kill everything!: The ally will join the battle as a third party in a neutral position from both teams. They will not attack Kefka, nor defend themselves from him, but will not obey his commands either. Votes for the third party will be counted as votes for Kefka's team. Any abilities that target or affect allied mercs cannot be used on any merc but themselves, with any such start of battle abilities that have already been declared on invalid targets being cancelled without going on recharge. If this option is used Slave Crown goes on 4 weeks of recharge.

In all cases, the ally will be devoid of emotion and personal memories, the crown cannot be removed nor worn by anyone else, and the ally will not break the slave crown's hold even if Kefka is defeated.

God of Magic (Passive) - Kefka's status as god of magic makes him the most powerful magical entity in his world. As a result, Kefka is immune to any ability that specifically prevents him from using his magic in-battle. This passive cannot be disabled in any way.

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you! (Trigger) - Kefka's was never one to go down quietly, and this applies doubly so since he's ascended to godhood, taking magic itself with him when he bites the big one. Whenever Kefka is KOed by an enemy ability, the offending team will be unable to use magic in that week's battle (this does not affect any of their ability uses). This Trigger cannot be nullified, negated, or prevented from going off in any way.


(Ability Upgrade; 10 EXP)

If Kefka is KOed by an ally ability, his leader may choose to prevent in-battle magic usage for his team and whichever team he faces this wartime. 

(Ability Upgrade; 10 EXP)

Slave crown receives the following upgrades:

- Kill that! - The ally may join the battle as Kefka's assist as well, chosen with rosters, and will prioritize destruction of the selected merc in battle, leaving the battlefield immediately after the target falls in battle. If their target is not rostered, they will not show up to battle at all. When used in this way, Slave Crown's minimum cooldown is 2 weeks.
- Kill them all! - Reduce the recharge of Slave Crown by a week if this option is chosen.
- Kill everything! - Can be used on enemy mercenaries as well. However, a vote for the enemy merc counts as a vote for the enemy team. 

(New Start of Battle Ability; 10 EXP)

Nothing beats the sweet music of hundreds of voices screaming in unison! (Start of Battle) - There's nothing quite like a casual bout of mass murder for Kefka, and he isn't particularly fussy with how he goes about it. Once every 5 weeks he can pull one method from his back catalogue and spike the water supply of the enemy team. For the sake of fairness (and a match) he's had his poison confiscated from him though, so he's had to make do with giving them upset stomachs instead. Whilst they'll start the fight doubled over with gastrointestinal discomfort, it will subside as time goes by.





Week 46 Changes (use the search feature as there are a lot of them)



JC Merc Changes:


- All EXP costs reduced by 10
- Lets Stretch Our Legs! is a weekly ability when used on a low tier merc, every other week when used on a mid tier merc, and every three when used on a high tier merc. 
- If a merc with the Deep Breathing passive has used a number of abilities this week equal to their upkeep, they will achieve enlightenment and will be able to join the battle without taking a roster slot. 
- First ability upgrade also gives any mercs with the Deep Breathing passive the ability to use any abilities that are on cooldown by adding weeks of cooldown equal to the ability used to the existing cooldown, provided the cooldown remaining is 2 weeks or less. Deep Breathing mercs may also use weekly Start of Battle abilities an additional time per week at the cost of an additional week of cooldown. 

Donkey Kong:

- EXP costs reduced by 10




- reduce all exp costs to 10
- give character upgrade straight out

- rewrite of escort for clarity and slight function upgrade

No, you're MY escort! Mine! (Pre-Battle) - Once every 4 weeks, Serra may take control of a pre-selected opposing mercenary's assists. If the mercenary is already in possession of one or more assists, Serra will take control of all the assists as a possession and use them as if they were her assists. If the target mercenary does not have any assists, but has an ability which can create assists, Serra will copy the ability (and prevent the target mercenary from using it today) and use it as if it was her own, ignoring and unable to select any options that do not create assists.


- EXP costs reduced by 10

Agnes Oblige:

- EXP costs reduced by 5


- EXP costs reduced to 10
- Results upgrade may be used vs non-rostered mercs at a 50% rate


- EXP costs reduced by 5

Lu Bu:

- EXP costs reduced by 5


- EXP costs reduced by 5


Kamek merc changes

Yuna changelog:

- Search for the aeons chance increased to 100%, with a 50% chance to activate on a loss or a win Yuna was not rostered for, ability upgrade removed.
- Yojimbo may be given all 10 gp in one meeting.
- Anima may injure all 5 allies in one meeting.
- Remaining EXP requirements reduced by 5. 


- Evil Seed becomes pre-battle
- All exp requirements reduced by 10


- Overload becomes base ability
- Upgraded version of for the horde becomes 5 exp upgrade
- Character upgrade cost reduced by 10 exp


- Character upgrade: Will join the fight without taking a roster slot if Bub is present in the match.
- All EXP costs reduced by 10 (to a minimum of 5 EXP cost)
- Bursting Bubbles! may be declared as a pre-battle.
- BOBFEAR: Pre-selected merc-- if the merc is rostered and bob is rostered they will be ejected without a replacement.


- All EXP requirements reduced by 10. 
- First ability upgrade includes choices available through abilities on the merc as well, even if they haven't been used or are hidden behind unpurchased upgrades. 


- All EXP requirements reduced by 5.


- All EXP requirements reduced to 10 (or 5 if they were already 10)


- All EXP requirements reduced by 10
God of Mercs (Results) - Once every other week, whenever Kratos participates in a victory, Kratos will dismember a random rostered mercenary on the enemy team, limited to those eligible for next week's match without being paid down (or randomly chosen among all mercenaries from the enemy team if no such mercenaries were rostered), injuring them for a week. He will then go through a series of QTE events. Each QTE has an 80% chance of succeeding, which cannot have its success rate altered in any way, and he will stop after a failure. After all successes have been rolled, Kratos may then spend his successes to maim the enemy team in a brutal, gratuitous fashion.

1 - Injure a random enemy merc. 
2 - Injure a random enemy merc, limited to the tier of mercs eligible for next week's tier, avoiding low tier mercs, and rolled immediately after bids are revealed.
3 - Injure a pre-selected enemy merc. 

All options may injure mercs who have already been injured, injuring them for another week, and may additionally target KOed mercs as though they were alive. If any option is used on a KOed merc the cost will be reduced by 1 after the roll. Each option may be selected multiple times, however if the base cost is higher than 1, the cost will increase by 1 each time.


- Death counters are not lost if the Hamaon KO fails
- Hamaon can be used multiple times per wartime-- though cannot be used against the same target multiple times
- With upgrade, death counter can be applied on a win regardless of whether Naoto is rostered. The counter is pre-selected if Naoto was rostered, randomized otherwise, and in either case can target any mercenary from the enemy team, including those outside the tier.
- EXP costs reduced by 5, detective prince comes pre-upgraded and is a passive rather than a peacetime. 


- Hyperion unlocked out of the gate
- EXP costs reduced by 5

Master Hand:

- It's A #$@!& Glove! starts unlocked


- All EXP costs reduced to 10


Mewtwo Merc Changes:


- Lost and Found is now the base ability
- Lost and Found has an ability upgrade to become a passive for 15 exp, with the assisting merc being chosen with rosters
- No Weak Points now affects Robo's entire team and is in the new ability slot for 10 exp

Gordon Freeman: 

- All exp costs reduced by 10
- Second base ability

Gourdon Pumpkin Head Freeman (Peacetime) - Once every 3 weeks, Gordon will bestow a copy of his passive to a pre-selected mercenary. The affected merc will additionally wear a jack o lantern helmet to battle, which will provide equivalent protection to their normal headgear and will not interfere with their senses in any way.

- New results upgrade replaced with 15 EXP ability upgrade that does the following: 

Makes Gourdon work on Gordon's entire team, and makes taking the jack o lantern helmet optional, with the choice to take the pumpkin chosen for all mercs as a unit, with ability declaration, and defaulting to taking it. 


- WHO IS HASEO? starts unlocked


- Starts with the assault rifle
- Exp costs reduced by 5

Raiden (MK):

- EXP costs reduced to 10
- New passive on base merc - Protector of Earthrealm (Passive) - Even while not directly meddling in conflicts, Raiden still has his ways to subtly guide the struggles of Earthrealm. Raiden may use any of his abilities even while not rosterable-- though he may not use them while KOed. 
- They must win! (Pre-Battle) - Once every other week, Raiden can make a guess as to who must win this upcoming battle. Either Raiden's team or the enemy team will be rolled as the result. If Raiden's team must win, Raiden will become rosterable, or immune to enemy abilities if he already was rosterable, and will invoke the Elder Gods to power him as seen in the final story battle of Mortal Kombat 9. If the enemy team must win, Raiden will KO a random allied mercenary, but if Raiden's team loses this week, Raiden's team will automatically win the next week's tier bid, roster bid, and the right to choose to be the attacker or defender, even if bids would normally not occur for these things. 

Ryu (BoF3): 

- Exp costs reduced by 5
- Starts with 2 genes from random 1/week mercs (chosen from all released in the game) on purchase


Skyridge Merc Changes:


- EXP costs reduced by 10
- Maverick Hunter Leader replaced with Maverick Hunter Leader (Peacetime) - Once every 3 Weeks, Zero will go recruiting. Zero may open up bidding on any robotic mercenary from the unbought mercenary pool for 0 GP (including any unowned Wily Robots), and you may be outbid as normal, though opposing bids must exceed your bid as well as the minimum bid of the robot. Regardless of the outcome of the bid, the merc will immediately be added to your team as a rosterable merc and become usable this wartime without being paid down. The merc may not use rechargeable abilities unless they have the Robot Master passive. If the initial bid was successful, you may add the mercenary to your team by paying their minbid - (10+your winning bid) gp during results, with the merc being released to the unbought mercenaries pool and your gp from the winning bid being lost if you do not add them. If the bid was not successful, your opponent will have the merc during results (with any recharges cleared) as though they'd purchased the merc normally.

Adam Jensen

- EXP costs reduced by 10


- EXP costs reduced by 10
- Minbid reduced by 10


- EXP costs reduced by 10


- Variable Weapons System starts with a technique from a pre-selected allied merc
- Variable Weapons System activates even on a loss
- On any win, Variable Weapons System activates with a 50% success rate even if X isn't rostered.
- EXP costs reduced by 10
- 1 additional slot from character upgrade is unlocked every 5 EXP

Tron Bonne

- EXP costs reduced by 5
- May spend any amount of GP (maximum 35) on purchase to start her with that many Servbots.


- EXP costs reduced by 10


- May use Flew Shot as many times as her syringes permit


Week 46 Rereleases






CHANGES FROM WEEK 41 (for reference, these are not new):


Johnny -> New Ability 1 (15 EXP to 10), New Ability 2 (20 EXP to 15)

Little Mac -> New Ability 1 (15 EXP to 5), New Ability 2 given as standard

Marcus -> Character upgrade (20 EXP to 15)

Vyse -> New Ability 1 (20 EXP to 15)

Yoshi -> Character upgrade (15 EXP to 5), New Ability 1 (20 EXP to 10)

Zell -> Character upgrade (20 EXP to 15)


Abathur -> Min Bid reduced to 38 GP; Primary ability reduced to once every three weeks, New Ability 1 (20 EXP to 15)

Talion  -> Ability upgrade comes as standard; Character upgrade and new ability both reduced to 10 EXP

Shadow the Hedgehog -> Cost reduced to 67/4; Ability upgrade (20 EXP to 15)

Alyx & Dog -> Trigger comes as standard; New LU ability (20 EXP to 10)

Liquid -> Ability upgrades both reduced to 10 EXP; New Ability reduced to 15 EXP and now works like Fox's vehicles, although using REX will put it on a 1 week cooldown

JFG -> Min Bid reduced to 64; Character upgrades reduced by 5 EXP each; New Ability (20 EXP to 10)

Corvo -> Cooldown of Assassin is also reduced by 2 weeks if it hits a merc of 3/week or lower; Ability upgrade (20 EXP to 10), Character upgrade (15 EXP to 5); New Ability (25 EXP to 15)

Duke -> New Passive (20 EXP to 10); Character Upgrade (15 EXP to 10)

Krauser -> Upkeep reduced to 3/week

Heihachi -> Min Bid reduced to 52; All upgrades reduced by 5 EXP

Ness -> Ability upgrade given as standard; New SoB (20 EXP to 10)

Travis -> Min Bid reduced to 64; All upgrades reduced by 5 EXP

Hsien-Ko -> Min Bid reduced to 59; Both ability upgrades come as standard, New Ability (20 EXP to 10)

Lara -> Ability upgrade (10 EXP to 5); Character upgrade (20 EXP to 10); New Ability (20 EXP to 15)

Tommy V -> Character upgrade (20 EXP to 10); Ability upgrade comes as standard; New Ability (20 EXP to 15)

Morrigan -> Min Bid reduced to 56; Primary ability cooldown reduced to every other week; Character upgrade (25 EXP to 10); Ability upgrade (15 EXP to 5); New Trigger (20 EXP to 10)

Rin -> Primary ability cooldown reduced to once every three weeks; All upgrades reduced by 5 EXP; Requirement for Tsun reduced to 3 battles

Valentine -> Min Bid reduced to 55 GP; Both stages of ability upgrade now come as standard; New SoB (25 EXP to 15)

Jim -> All upgrades reduced by 5 EXP; Cow comes as standard (we're so generous)

Link -> Min Bid increased to 60 GP; Cooldown on The Legend reduced to once every three weeks; THIEF reduced to once every four weeks; Song of Time reduced to once every four weeks; Spinners reduced to once every four weeks; New Passive and Trigger both come as standard

Hector -> Primary ability cooldown reduced to once every three weeks; Both ability upgrades (15 EXP to 10); New Ability (25 EXP to 15)

Viewtiful Joe -> New SoB cooldown reduced to once every five weeks and EXP reduced from 20 to 15

Shovel Knight -> Both ability upgrades come as standard; New Peacetime (15 EXP to 10); New SoB (20 EXP to 15)

Baiken -> Min Bid reduced to 51; Tatami Gaeshi becomes an every week ability; Ability upgrade comes as standard; Vengeance and Eye For An Eye combined into one upgrade costing 20 EXP

Kain Highwind  -> Ability upgrade 1 (25 EXP to 10); Character upgrade (15 EXP to 10); Ability upgrade 2 (25 EXP to 15)

Katarina -> Ability upgrade now comes as standard; New Trigger (25 EXP to 15) and cooldown reduced to once every four weeks

Meta Knight -> All ability upgrades reduced by 5 EXP

Haggar -> Ability upgrade comes as standard; Mayor of Earth (25 EXP to 15)

Charizard -> Character upgrade (15 EXP to 10); Mega Evolution (20 EXP to 10); Forest fires (20 EXP to 15) and cooldown reduced to once every four weeks

Brock Lesnar -> Suplex City comes as standard; All other upgrades have EXP cost reduced by 10

Bomberman -> Both character upgrades come as standard; New SoB (25 EXP to 15)

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